North Creek Roofing: Building Shelter and Community One Roof at a Time

Dan & Sue McNeely have dedicated their entire life together growing and strengthening the four things they love most--Family, Church, Community, and Business. “Our community means everything to us,” says Sue, when talking about the area they both hold so dear. Hearing their history together as a couple, you get the sense that every aspect of their commitment brings joy, fulfillment, and love into their lives.

Dan and Sue started building their strong foundation in high school, where they met at the tender age of 15. They dated all through high school and got married after they graduated. Sue says with the work and love they both put into their union, it’s still a honeymoon 43 years later. Together they have one child, Jennifer, who was born and raised in Mill Creek. Jennifer brought their son-in-law, Nathan, a career national guardsman, into their lives. Soon after welcoming their son-in-law, they were also blessed with three beautiful grandchildren. 

Their business, North Creek Roofing, was built from the ground up by both Dan and Sue. Dan started as an apprentice in the roofing business while still in high school. He calls it 'indentured servitude', but he is a third-generation roofer, learning his craft from his uncle and grandfather. Dan always had the mind to start his own roofing company, but with Sue also working and margins on roofing being slim, it was 10 years before he felt he could make the personal numbers work and set off on his own. Twenty-five years ago, Dan and Sue started North Creek Roofing, which has seen the roofing industry change considerably since its inception.  

In 2008, in the eye of the economic downturn, Dan changed his mindset about how he does business. He went from being a roofer that does business into a businessman who runs a roofing company. He credits his success to his amazing employees. A short, incomplete list of some of the more seasoned employees includes John, who has been with the company for almost 20 years and is currently the operations manager; Sergio, who has been here 24 years and is their senior repair technician; and Chris, who has been here 14 years and serves as the repair manager and sales manager, respectively. 

Dan and Sue’s commitment to the community motivates them during their work hours and downtime. Their moral compass is guided through their participation at their Community Church, where they are active members. During COVID, Dan and Sue took it to heart when the Hope Creek Food Bank, a church-run nonprofit providing food to those suffering from food insecurity, needed additional help during the pandemic. They directly donated a portion of each roofing project's profits to the Hope Creek Foundation and Food Bank. Through North Creek Roofing, Dan and Sue raised enough funds to feed over 3,000 people in their community in 2022. They have continued to increase their giving during the current economic downturn, with donations exceeding $55,000 in 2023, helping people with food and housing insecurity.

In addition to helping feed those in need, Dan and Sue sponsor a golf tournament for kids annually, raising thousands for kids’ sports scholarships, academic support, and extra-curricular opportunities in schools. They continue to support the annual backpack drive, as well as a festival and summer concert series to support the local Chamber of Commerce. The way they continuously give back truly demonstrates the love they have for this unique slice of the Pacific Northwest, making the Eastside community stronger.

The roofing business has changed a lot since Dan started, and with those changes, Dan’s dedication to community-focused giving has only gotten stronger. North Creek Roofing provides site visits and estimates to all its clients. They use drone technology and satellite imaging to provide each client with full transparency of the job scope of work and associated costs. 
There’s always the challenge of not being able to see under the roof itself—and an instance of dry rot or other issues in the ‘hidden layer’ can always change the cost of doing business--yet Dan and Sue strive to always do right by their customers. 

Most of their work comes from word of mouth, so customer service and satisfaction are at the heart of all they do. If you're looking for an honest roofer servicing the Eastside or investing in the greater good of our community, call North Creek Roofing today!