The Ultimate Wintertime To-Do List

Group of travelers sitting near bonfire under majestic blue sky with stars

Winter is an invitation to enter a true wonderland. Knock these 10 enchanting yet achievable activities off your wintertime bucket list.

Winter beckons us to do more than just cozy up indoors – it's an invitation to enter an enchanted wonderland. The allure of hibernation is real, we know, but make this season one of enjoyable activities you can’t fully enjoy any other time of year. From embracing new winter hobbies to enjoying age-old traditions, knock these 10 enchanting yet achievable activities off your wintertime bucket list.

1. Hit the slopes.

Embrace the thrill of winter by experiencing the wind in your face and your heart beating fast. Hit the slopes for the ultimate adventure in the snow. While this activity may not be accessible for people in every state, there’s likely a driveable escape just a few states away that’s worth the effort. Make this a winter getaway to remember.

2. Take a dip.

Dip into winter bliss and allow the warm embrace of a hot tub to melt away the chill. Time spent in the comfort of a hot tub is the apex serenity we all need. So unwind and feel your worries steam away under the winter sky.

3. Host a game night.

Beat the winter blues with a fun and lively game night. The frigid weather is no excuse to isolate. Gather friends, enjoy some hot cocoa or a hotty toddy, and let the laughter and friendly competition melt away the cold. Winter nights are warmer with good company and great games.

4. Dust off a good book.

Escape the chill and embark on a cozy winter adventure… in the comfort of your own home. Grab your go-to holiday book or crack open a book recommended by a friend. No matter how cold it may be outside, every page is a journey into warmth, imagination, and magic only a good story can bring. Bonus points if your reading nook is in viewing distance of a fireplace!

5. Lace up your skates.

Chill in the air means blades on the ice. It’s time to lace up and glide into the full experience of winter. It doesn’t matter if you twirl gracefully with the best of them or skate (and sometimes fall) to your own rhythm, ice skating is a classic wintry pastime for a reason. Check out an outdoor or indoor rink near you.

6. Eat well.

Elevate winter flavors and warm your soul with a culinary adventure. This time of year calls for comfort foods – stews, soups, casseroles, freshly baked cookies, and more. Whip up a classic you’re known for or create a bold new recipe. The kitchen is always the heart of the home but a winter kitchen with a warm stove ablaze truly is the place to be.

7. Plan a trip.

Escaping the winter weather may seem like an odd addition to our wintertime activity list, but can you blame us? Sometimes a short break from the chill is just what the doctor orders. So embark on a seasonal adventure to a sun-soaked destination. There’s nothing like a good dose of sweat-inducing weather to help you once again appreciate the magic of winter upon your return.

8. Gaze upwards.

Bundle up and gaze into the winter night sky. You don’t want to miss the celestial spectacle this time of year brings us. Enjoy the shimmering canvas of constellations and cosmic wonders up above. Stargazing is the perfect date night activity. Cuddling required.

9. Use every reason to celebrate.

Embrace the joy of every occasion – and during wintertime, there are plenty of them. From the festive December holidays to the excitement of New Year’s, the Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day, there’s good cause for celebration around every corner. Consider hosting a few gatherings or exploring local events to fill your season with warmth and fun.

10. Binge your list of still-need-to-watch movies.

The coldest of winter nights were made for cinematic escapes. Snuggle up, grab your favorite blanket, and catch up on the best movies. Let the magic of storytelling and the warmth of a sizzling fireplace turn your winter evenings into a reel delight.

This winter we encourage you to venture beyond the ordinary, create your ideal winter bucket list, and let these 10 ideas inspire you. Winter can be magical if only you embrace it. May this season be filled with adventure, laughter, and lasting memories.