Moe's Original BBQ

Serving great BBQ and delicious sides, Moe’s BBQ has moved into Greenville. John Wood and Sam Ragland have partnered to bring this staple into the Upstate. Unlike many chain restaurants, each Moe’s location has unique and independent qualities. Even their sides differ! John and Sam are committed to bringing the tastiest sides and BBQ to their customers.
Moe’s Original BBQ was started in 1988 by three friends: Mike Fernandez, Ben Gilbert, and Jeff Kennedy. The BBQ served is heavily inspired by the distinct style of Moses Day, a Tuscaloosa legend. The three men were and are passionate about good BBQ, and they have created a chain of restaurants that maintain high quality. The employees are treated well and work up through the company, loving the atmosphere the founders have worked hard to maintain.
This is particularly true of Sam Ragland, co- owner of Greenville’s Moe’s Original BBQ. He actually started working part time at a local Moe’s simply because he loved the food! Sam had been working in kitchens since he was 15, washing dishes, later attending culinary school, and working in a variety of fine dining. He quickly moved up into management before deciding to buy into the company. Moe’s Original BBQ was and is a place he loves going into daily. He genuinely enjoys the work he does. That passion led Sam to own Biltmore and Asheville locations of Moe’s Original BBQ, but he wanted to leave Asheville. He met John Wood, who had expressed interest in a Greenville location, and their partnership began.
John Wood and Sam Ragland now own both Spartanburg and Greenville locations. When John and Sam first checked out the building of the Greenville location, there was still oil on the floor from the previous tenants- a small engine repair shop! But with great vision, the space for Moe’s Original BBQ became a reality. With a fire pit out front, the atmosphere of Moe’s in Greenville  has become one of community and good food- the heart of the whole company.
At Moe’s Original BBQ, the sides are what makes the restaurants differentiated from other BBQ joints. Sam Ragland says they emphasize daily sides, spending time making good casseroles or stews. Their sides are more flavorful than the typical item of French fries paired with BBQ. At the Greenville location, they showcase 10 to 12 special sides. They have five sides that are regularly featured each day, and six or seven that are new each day.
This holiday season, the Greenville location will be featuring a special holiday menu. They will be serving turkey and ham through Christmas. Additionally, they will be continuing 99 cent wing Wednesdays!
Sam Ragland and John Wood are excited to have Moe’s Original BBQ here in Greenville. Sam says, “I am so lucky to do the thing I want to do… I am blessed by the people I meet.” Take some time and check out the great BBQ and daily sides that are adding to the great palette of Greenville!