Sherrill Hill

Stained Glass and Mixed Media Fine Art

Hey there, my name is Sherrill, I'm a SC native and have been producing art and stained
glass since 1994. I love being part of the upstate art communities, and participating in artists'
groups, running different shows such as Artists Next Door, creating art for local charity
auctions, and gardening. 

Sidebar: I started the Artist Next Door program to provide a venue for local artists to display and sell their creations in a fun and casual outdoor experience. I open my home in the North Main area twice a year for this show!


The colors in the world you interact with daily create certain vibes, and I try to depict those feelings and emotions in paintings. When you see a piece of rust, it makes you feel a certain way; maybe it makes you think about how even though it takes a while, the rust eventually breaks down and goes into the earth. That cycle - that emotion - that's what I seek to capture in my work.

Mixed Media

My mixed media is inspired from when I built theater sets and flipped houses; from those experiences, I would touch different pieces I could see a way to breathe new life into. When I look at mixed media pieces, it's about developing something I can revitalize into new creations. This is why my art often resembles nature scenes. I represent nature's different cycles and changes through the materials I cultivate and utilize.

My work is simple - trying to represent what we experience in life - both externally and internally. People are layers - nothing is perfect. There's something special in that notion, and it connects well to use my love of textures to represent the layers of humanity. 

I'm used to working with professionals, architects, interior designers, decorators, and the like to help cultivate a vision. But sometimes, they prefer to send me to talk to the customer directly, speak in their terms, merge their ideas, and help develop the concept.  I especially love working with clients to design custom stained glass pieces for their homes or businesses. Let's start a conversation about bringing your piece to life!

I have a home studio that you're welcome to come explore. This studio is currently appointment only. Please email or call for an appointment.
Or you can find my art in the following galleries:
  • Urban Diggs
  • State of the Art Gallery {Caycee, SC}
  • Cafe West {Greenville, Oct-Dec} 
  • Greenville Center for Creative Arts {through May 2024}

Sidebar: Please join us at Cafe West  on Dec. 6 from 6 - 9 pm for Canvas & Conversation. 
For more info, please scan qr code:

sidebar: “Capture the Emotion”
“I want people to touch my work. It's meant to be touched, be comfortable. When you
walk into a room, I want my piece to make you smile, to move you - to create a
connection with you.”