A Love for DIY Projects

In January 2020, Abby and Pat Dennehy fell in love with the charming exterior of their home on Governor Long Road. They knew the interior needed a lot of work, but they were excited to take it on.

Soon after moving in, the pandemic offered them time and motivation to complete countless DIY renovations. They have thoroughly enjoyed updating the original 1920s features to honor the space's history while bringing it into the modern century. They also love that their home offers a more traditional layout rather than an open concept because they were able to bring personality and color to each room, giving each space its own unique feel. 

Some of Abby's favorite projects have been learning how to tile, the kitchen rehab, and wallpaper installs. Their home has instilled a passion in Abby for design and DIY renovations, and it was gratifying for her to see these dramatic transformations come to life. Enjoy your beautiful home Dennehys!