Meet Evan Doherty!

Making a Special Impact on Hingham High School Sports

On September 1st, 2022, Hingham High School senior Evan Doherty formed a plan to revive Hingham’s school spirit after much of it had been lost to COVID. Seeing other schools create social media platforms for their student sections, Evan felt inspired to create an Instagram account unique to the Harbormen’s student section, and so Hingham’s Red Army Instagram was born. Much to Evan’s surprise, the account immediately attracted 400 followers on the first day, and today, the follower count has grown to well over 1,000.  

The overcrowded bleachers, loud cheers, and supportive energy at all of Hingham High’s sports games are just some of the results of Evan’s successful efforts to bring back school spirit. The Red Army account often posts a time as well as a theme for the student section before big sports events in order to attract a bigger crowd. For Evan, simply seeing everyone happy and excited about the sports games again has been the most rewarding part of running the account. After all, Hingham High’s sports games had never been this lively since before the pandemic.
Evan has also made a tremendous impact outside of the Hingham High School community. He helps out with the JD55 fund–a foundation started in honor of young hockey player Jack Giorgio who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at only 11 years old. He’s also always on the sidelines to help coach his sisters’ hockey team. An accomplished hockey player himself, Evan shares his own wisdom and expertise to help bring these teams to victory. In turn, the young kids have also taught him patience and understanding.

Evan also helps out with other athletic programs that cater to those with special needs, including SNAP hockey and Unified basketball. He’s built great friendships through these programs and often spends time with them outside of the programs driving around, going to the gym, or blasting music. Participating in these programs has given him an invaluable opportunity to form special connections–including some with his closest friends today. 

Evan’s unique love for his community has not gone unnoticed by others. The Martin Richard Foundation, an organization started in honor of one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, took note of the incredible energy at one of the Unified basketball games and hoped to recreate similar energy in their own games with Evan’s help.

Though he will graduate this year, Evan will stay connected to Hingham even after he leaves high school. He hopes to see the Red Army account thriving even after he is gone and stay in contact with the friends he met through Unified basketball and SNAP hockey. Evan’s meaningful impact on these communities will surely be felt long after his graduation.