Meet the Publisher's Puppy Marley

Family member names:  Anne
Pet’s name: Marley
 Type of animal/breed: Mini Australian Labradoodle
Male or female: Female
Pet’s age: 6 months
Where/why did you get your pet?  Marley came from Blue Star Labradoodles in Spokane.  After researching breeds that I thought might fit best with my lifestyle I came across the Australian Labradoodle. I visited local families who had gotten puppies from the breeder.  Everyone I met loved the breed and I fell in love with their gentle nature, and athletic ability plus the fact they were hypoallergenic.  When I went to visit the puppies, Marley came over and sat down quietly beside me.  She picked me and I couldn’t be happier.
Is there a story behind its name? Our family went through lots of pet names and liked Marley. She's not nearly as mischievous as the original Marley and Me dog but does get the Zoomies in the evening.
Is anything special or unusual about her? She’s super smart and when she walks and runs she prances.  Since I first got her I have been able to take her everywhere – she will lie down quietly if I’m in a restaurant or coffee shop.  She’s very gentle with kids and other dogs.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @wheres_miss_marley