The 15th Annual White Rock Home Tour

April 22-23

The beloved garden at Hexter is one of the many programs that benefit from the proceeds of the White Rock Home Tour, and it shares a significant connection to the land on which the tour will take place.

After a 3-year hiatus, the White Rock Home Tour is back for its 15th anniversary celebration April 22-23, 2023! 
Originally conceived by a small group of Hexter Elementary parents who were interested in mid-century architecture, found a way to combine their love of modern design and passion for supporting their neighborhood school in East Dallas. 
This year, the White Rock Home Tour’s visionary leader is Jessica Stewart Lendvay, a local Architect and Hexter parent. She strives to create architectural literacy through exposure of classic mid-century modern designs with the homes she has curated. This year’s tour will feature homes from notable MCM Architects such as Ju-Nel and Donald Speck so that the authenticity of the style is showcased. Lendvay states, “As an architect, I feel like it’s my responsibility to do as much as I can to explain the importance of architecture,” she said, “so we can take care of our community, so they last and they can be taken care of.”
The committee that works tirelessly to put on the home tour live in a variety of East Dallas neighborhoods, just like the homes on the tour - from Lakewood, Old Lake Highlands, Eastwood, the Peninsula to Casa Linda. The small, but mighty group of parent volunteers strive to share the details of these homes, while continuing the tradition of the White Rock Home Tour, with their ultimate goal, to raise funds for Hexter Elementary and continue the East Dallas Tradition!

Come see the curated vision of mid-century modern architecture at the 2023 White Rock Home Tour on April 22-23 from 12-5 pm. Visit for tickets and tour details.