Meet Ryan Streiff of Perry-Miller Streiff Group

As the Cowboys’ own Roger Stauchbach once said, “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” That sentiment appears to be a driving force for Ryan Streiff and his team at the Perry-Miller Streiff Group, where going the extra mile to make clients’ dreams come true is their business philosophy and strategy. 

With an investment banking and corporate finance background, Ryan became a Realtor following the encouragement of his mother, Paula Streiff, a successful agent in the Dallas area.  A few years later he was selling real estate alongside Dave Perry-Miller, who is, as Ryan says, “the very best in the best himself.” He adds, “Five years ago, Dave and I opened the Perry-Miller Streiff Group within Dave Perry-Miller.  It is the number one team in Dallas/North Texas and number 49 in the country with $310M in sales in 2021!”

Ryan leads a nine-person team of experienced agents that he equates to a Navy Seals unit.  “We combine our forces, along with the deep experience of our firm, to deliver a truly unparalleled experience.” As real estate problem-solvers, Ryan and his team often find off-market opportunities for their buying clients.  As evidenced, Ryan says, “My team sold $80M off-market last year!”  

Another specialty of Ryan’s business is what is known as the art of winning the deal.  He describes it as “knowing what it takes to ‘win’ in a multiple-offer situation. Information is power.” He says, “I pride myself in putting my clients in the most informed position possible so that they can make intelligent decisions that result in successful outcomes.”

As a current Lakewood resident, Ryan says, “I love being able to walk our two kids to school. I grew up in Lake Highlands and always loved the architectural charm of East Dallas. I lived on Ridgedale while attending SMU. Our East Dallas location is as centrally-located as it gets.”

His advice in today’s unusual market: “If you are considering a move but have concerns about finding your next home before selling, make sure you’re working with a team of agents who will be proactive on your behalf. We have connected several buyers over this past year with off-market opportunities in Lakewood.”

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“We combine our forces, along with the deep experience of our firm, to deliver a truly unparalleled experience."