Heather McNamara

Junior League of Dallas Milestones Luncheon

We have so many neighbors making a difference in our community through charities, we are proud to introduce our neighbor Heather McNamara who is co-chairing one of the largest charity events in Dallas, the Junior League of Dallas Milestones Luncheon.

Tell us about your volunteer career, especially with the Junior League of Dallas leading up to this leadership role.
I have been a member of the Junior League of Dallas for 11 years. I have held a variety of roles, most of them within the area of fundraising. In addition, I serve as the PTA President at Mockingbird Elementary School and have been very involved in the PTA over the years. My daughter, Alexis, and I are involved with the Lakewood NCL Chapter. I've also volunteered as a Dallas CASA, been on the Silent Auction Committee for St. Jude and served with several auxiliary groups.

What are some of your responsibilities as a chair for such a large event?
Along with my co-chair, Elizabeth Gambrell, I am planning all facets of the Milestones Luncheon, the Junior League of Dallas's largest fundraiser of the year, where we plan to host up to 1,300 people. All proceeds directly benefit the agencies we support (over 30). We also raise funds to support the Junior League's Signature Projects, which are programs designed and run by Junior League volunteers.
We do everything from securing the speaker and venue to securing raffle items, and most importantly, working with our donors. I am also responsible for leading the Luncheon Committee, as they take on various event-focused and fundraising tasks. I am very excited for our speaker, Rob Lowe, and to honor Pam Busbee, or Sustainer of the Year!

I bet that takes a lot of time throughout the week! How many hours a week on average do you spend volunteering?
I spend well over 40 hours a week on all my volunteer tasks.

Volunteering seems to be a part of your DNA! Does your family get involved too?
Yes. My husband and I actually met at a charitable event in Chicago. Over the years, we've participated in various activities. Most recently, we served as members of the St. Jude Silent Auction Committee. As I mentioned, my daughter Alexis and I are members of the Lakewood NCL Chapter.

How can others get involved in this organization?
The JLD recruits from June through February each year, and we welcome anyone interested to come to a meeting to learn more about JLD. We also host events, specifically our Auction and Luncheon, and the public is welcome!

For more details about the Junior League of Dallas and Milestones Luncheon please visit www.jldallas.org.