Penny Copper Pot

I met Jaimié at a Mercer Island Chamber event. She's a local photographer and was featuring a few of her photos. She has some great ones, but her dog pic really caught my attention. I knew it would be fun to share with you all...

My husband Marc and I moved to Mercer Island in 2017 just before we were married. We moved here because we knew we wanted a close-knit community where we could raise a family. Our three kids attend Island Park Elementary and Creative Learning Center. We love the friendships we’ve been able to build throughout Mercer Island. We are active members of the Mercer Island Preschool Association (MIPA), which has created incredible memories and relationships for our kids.
Penny Copper Pot is 5 ½ years old and is a Golden Irish – half Irish Setter and half Golden Retriever. We joke that she’s secretly part cat with how lazy she is and how much she loves to cuddle.
When and how did your pet come to join your family?
 Penny officially arrived as part of our family in the middle of the giant February snowstorm in 2019! We found her breeder after my Samoyed unexpectedly passed away and our family didn’t feel whole. Meeting her phenomenal breeder and seeing the outstanding temperament of their dogs we were sold on her becoming our family dog. She was raised alongside all three of our kids and is the sweetest and most patient dog we’ve ever owned.
How did you and your family come up with your pet's name?
 We believe in full names for our pets. Penny was obvious with her copper coloring and Copper Pot just popped into my brain randomly and that was it — Penny Copper Pot. To continue the trend, our daughter named our cat Mochi Marshmallows.
What’s the one trait or behavior that makes your pet stand out from the rest?
 Penny is unbelievably patient with our kids and so incredibly loving. As I mentioned earlier, she’s borderline cat-like with the number of naps she takes.
Where does your pet love to hang out in the neighborhood? Who are your pet's favorite playmates in the neighborhood?
You’ll usually find her hanging out on the trails in Island Crest Park and Pioneer Park with her tail happily wagging as she runs along taking everything in. Her best friend Maggie, an English Springer Spaniel, lives two doors down, and is there’s always an ecstatically cheerful greeting.
Are there any local businesses or parks your pet particularly enjoys visiting?
She loves people-watching at the Southend Starbucks and her walks in Pioneer Park. She thinks everyone she sees is there solely to see her and always wants to say hello in the most enthusiastic way possible.
If your pet could choose any adventure to go on, what would it be?
 Penny’s dream is to be off-leash in the woods chasing squirrels, birds, and any other small creatures to her heart’s content.