Rainier, Like the Mountain

Phil and Chelsea Franklin live right on the Newcastle/Renton border with their dog Rainier, a 2-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Where/why did you get your pet? 
Rainier comes from a breeder in Eastern Washington. We wanted a Bernese Mt Dog for hiking and a companion for our family. He has been the best family pet! 

Is there a story behind its name? 
A mountain dog needs a mountain name! Mt. Rainier is Seattle’s Mountain and he fits it perfectly! 

Anything special or unusual about him?
Rainier has a couple of dog sport titles with many more on the way! He has been awarded his Rally Obedience Advanced Title and is Farm Dog Certified. He is working towards his Novice Agility title and his Novice Draft Title. He loves to work and enjoys the challenge of dog sports! 

What do you like best about your pet?
Rainier is incredibly clever and works to please and always gives his all! His work ethic is unmatched! 

Any funny stories?
Too many to think of! He is the best dog and we laugh at him every day! 
A funny thing about him is that he does not like peanut butter at all! Meat and Cheese only! A true Swiss dog breed! 

How spoiled is your pet?
He is very spoiled! He is such a good dog; we allow him to be as spoiled as he needs! 

What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family?
We just welcomed our daughter, River, into the world and Rainier is the best big fur brother! He is already protective and makes sure we both take care of her appropriately!