Empowering Education: Dartmoor's Innovative Approach to Student-Centered Learning

Dartmoor School stands out as a beacon of innovation and student empowerment, where students are not just passive recipients of information; they are the architects of their own learning journey. Founded in 1990 by reading specialist Doris J. Bower, Dartmoor has evolved from a reading intervention school to a dynamic institution that champions individualized education, respect for students, and the pursuit of self-actualization. Starting from just a small campus in Bellevue, Dartmoor now serves our communities in Issaquah, Bothell and Seattle.
Central to Dartmoor's philosophy is the unwavering belief in respecting the student. This foundational principle has led to the creation of an environment where students are encouraged to explore, question, and create. The instructional and administrative staff at Dartmoor embody this philosophy by fostering deep student engagement and collaboration with families, other schools, and professionals. This unique collaboration cultivates unforeseen educational pathways that challenge and support students, providing them with the opportunity to truly delight in learning.

Dartmoor offers a range of academic programs, including standard elementary, middle, and high school programs. However, what sets Dartmoor apart is its commitment to crafting custom-tailored programs based on each student's interests, strengths, and aspirations. Whether a student seeks to master specific skills, remediate credits, access individualized education, or require flexible scheduling, Dartmoor has the expertise and capacity to design a bespoke education that suits their unique needs.

In a world where many students lose their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning due to standardized educational approaches, Dartmoor's individualized learning format serves as a remedy. By teaching students at their instructional level and giving them the freedom to explore their interests, Dartmoor restores the joy of learning. This approach not only nurtures intellectual growth but also helps students reconnect with their innate passion for knowledge.
Dartmoor offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, personalized educational programs, and nurturing staff, reflecting its dedication to respecting and nurturing students. From accommodating different learning styles and fostering a sense of safety and respect to encouraging responsibility and championing diversity, Dartmoor's guidelines exemplify its student-centered approach.

Dartmoor stands as a shining example of a progressive educational institution that places students at the heart of their learning journey. Its commitment to individualized education, respect for students, and fostering self-actualization has shaped its evolution from a reading intervention school to a multifaceted alternative education center. As Dartmoor continues to grow and adapt, it remains faithful to its core belief that education is most effective when students are empowered to take control of their own learning and explore the boundless possibilities of knowledge.