Introducing Plumb Fit

Taking care of customers, one plumbing issue at a time.

As manager and partner of the plumbing company Plumb Fit, Joe Nannetti is clear about his commitment to customers: “We are trying to change the perception of what a plumbing company is by putting the customer first and building long-term relationships.”

Joe’s 35-year career in home improvements has taken him all over the country, from Maryland to Pennsylvania. Florida, Texas, and California. His extensive experience included working for the country’s largest ($1 billion revenue) residential plumbing corporation. “We came here in 2019 when our daughter and daughter-in-law were having a baby. We wanted to be close to this grandchild, and my wife and I made the decision to move up to the Pacific Northwest”.

Plumb Fit was started in 2007 by Cam Bedry. Joe and Cam had met previously, and the two maintained contact over the years. So when Joe and his wife relocated here, Cam invited Joe to become a partner. Plumb Fit covers a wide area, up to 50 miles North and South of Seattle, while sister company Bath Fitter Northwest covers all of Western Washington. There are five trucks out on the road, reaching clients quickly, and the company is in the process of hiring more staff.

Joe’s experience guided how he and Cam structured the business in a new way. This started with pricing. They understood the reputation of the industry in general, with customers afraid to call a plumber because of their fear of being overcharged. “We want to be the customers’ plumber of choice," Joe explains, "and we use a flat rate pricing system. Many plumbing companies in this area pay their plumbers by commission, leading to even the good guys making bad decisions.” A further differentiator is that they do not charge a service fee to come out for an estimate. “A customer can't make an educated decision on their own," Joe continues, "so we will come out to give them a true, honest estimate of what it's going to cost.”

Plumb Fit offers a membership service costing $125 per annum, with members receiving 10% off any work, preferred scheduling, and annual whole house preventive maintenance inspection. “People rarely know that they have a plumbing problem until it becomes bad; until water is coming out of a wall or a crawl space, or black mold starts to appear,” Joe says, “so our inspection saves people money - we find and fix problems before they become bad.”

A recent customer enthuses: “Plumb Fit did what they agreed to do in the time frame they proposed. The crew was pleasant to work with and there were no surprises. After six months or more, we’re still pleased with the work.”

And as Joe concludes, “We know that if we take care of the customers, the customers are going to take care of us. And if we take great care of our customers and employees, that will create profit for the company.”