A Symphony of Flora

The garden’s featured trees include Purple Leaf Plum, Crepe Myrtle, and Kawakami Pear. The bushes are Loropetalum, Giant Agapanthus, Xylosma, Privet, and Asparagus Fern.

The Ripon Garden Club has a wonderful tradition of recognizing outstanding yards and gardens within the Ripon community each season. With a keen eye for beauty and creativity, club members diligently seek out yards that stand out for their striking appearance, meticulous upkeep, and captivating design elements.

This initiative celebrates the efforts of Ripon's residents, who take pride in their landscapes and foster a sense of community appreciation for the beauty surrounding us. It's a fun and rewarding way to acknowledge and encourage the cultivation of beautiful outdoor spaces.

By highlighting these exceptional gardens, the RGC inspires others to enhance their own yards and gardens, contributing to Ripon's overall aesthetic appeal and charm. This ongoing tradition reminds us of the importance of nurturing green spaces and creating environments that uplift and inspire all who encounter them.