Custom TV & Stereo

Embracing Evolution for 50 years

Custom TV & Stereo has been a staple business in Modesto since 1974. Originally a small TV repair shop, the company has grown and evolved for nearly 50 years. A truism for most successful enterprises is keeping abreast of technology and the agility to pivot as business trends change or expand.

Craig Day has been working with the company since 1996. He is now the owner and describes himself humbly as the Owner, CEO, and Janitor. However, this description neglects to impart the extent of his nearly 30 years in the AV and tech business.

Recently, the company has transitioned from having a showroom to becoming a virtual, cloud-based operation. While still being a prominent figure in the business community, Craig made the change in response to feedback and market dynamics. The company's products and services remain as top shelf as before, offering the same brands and services as they have for decades. However, the need for a showroom shopping experience had become redundant.

"What we have found in the last several years, especially post-COVID, is that our clients prefer a more personalized and convenient experience. To that end, the vast majority of our business results from doing in-home consultations rather than an "in-store" experience." 

The benefits have been twofold: one, allowing Craig and his team to keep costs from escalating, and two, offering a quantum leap in the personal encounter required to plan for the best system for your home or office space. In making this change, it has solidified the company's "We Come to You" slogan.

Perhaps more important than someone coming to your home for a consultation is who comes to your home. Craig is uniquely qualified in this field with over 30 years of expertise in sound systems and construction and as a professional musician. Additionally, Craig has added another dimension to his career by launching a new company called Stage 1 Productions, which provides services for live concert events. His lifelong obsession with sound and the extraction of emotion that music and performance draw from us is what motivates him and defines him as a person. He enjoys the collaborative effort with his clients in designing for the depth of experience they seek.

Despite the nature of the high-tech industry, Craig takes very seriously the service aspect of his business. He prides himself and his team on their interactive responses to questions and requests. Craig himself or his team directly answers calls seeking information or assistance, with no call center frustration for his clients. Craig enthuses that calls will always be answered and questions will be satisfied. It is part of the relationship-based business he feels this is.

Custom TV & Stereo- "We Come to You!!!"