Running with Friends

Ripon Almond Blossom Fun Run starting line with Alpine running.

Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness embodies more than just climbing; it's a tight-knit family and a vibrant fitness culture that thrives on community connection. 

“As Riponites, one of our favorite times of year is Almond Blossom,” says Jonathan Meek, Owner of Alpine.  “We saw a great opportunity to mobilize people who were stoked on running regardless of their experience and get them ready for the annual Almond Blossom 8k.”

To further unite their members and others within the community, Alpine extended an open invitation for Saturday morning training runs. This inclusive running group welcomes participants of all levels, converging in front of the climbing gym each Saturday at 8 am with enthusiasm and camaraderie. 

Noteworthy was their collective participation in the exhilarating Almond Blossom Fun Run this past February, underscoring Alpine's commitment to fostering a spirit of adventure and togetherness beyond the climbing walls. 

While Almond Blossom is over, Alpine Running continues on and is open to all. Simply meet at 8 am in the Alpine parking lot on Saturdays for a Zone 2 run ranging from 2.5 - 6 miles. 

“As temps get warmer and the spring sunshine comes, we’re excited to continue training and help invest in the local running community.”