Three Sisters, One Dream!

The world of dance has always been a realm of grace, discipline, and sheer dedication. Three remarkable young talents have been waltzing through The Memorial Villages, leaving a trail of inspiration in their wake. Meet the Clark sisters, Ellisann (13), Eden (11), and Chelsea (7), who have been chasing their dreams under the spotlight since they were mere toddlers, and have no intention of stopping.
They joyfully twirled their way through various community programs before transitioning to the renowned Memorial Dance Center (MDC). For Ellisann and Eden, 2020 marked a pivotal moment as they auditioned for competitive dance teams, solidifying their commitment to the art. Chelsea, not to be outdone, joined the Mini Company dancers in 2022, an exclusive invitation-only program for first graders. 
Their schedules are nothing short of demanding. Chelsea dedicates 4.5 hours per week to her dance passion, along with weekend activities, while her older sisters, Ellisann and Eden, pour their hearts into 10-12 hours of dance weekly. Their dance regimen includes competitions, conventions, choreography workshops, production rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and master classes. It's a whirlwind of dedication and artistry that requires exceptional mentors.
At MDC, they are blessed with a team of kind and supportive teachers, each specializing in specific dance styles - ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and contemporary. The sisters unanimously agree that picking a favorite teacher is an impossible feat. They look up to professional dancers like the Rockettes, and to coaches and competition judges who provide invaluable feedback, sculpting them into even better dancers. 

Traveling is often part of a dancer's life, and the sisters have had their fair share of it, attending regional competitions and conventions in the Houston metroplex, including areas like The Woodlands, Sugarland, and The Galleria. Their participation in these events has not gone unnoticed, as MDC consistently earns top designations, along with various special awards, including the recent Best in Jump Award and Best in Studio award received by Ellisann and Eden for their tap routine, "Sunday Finest."
As the Clark sisters continue to dedicate themselves to their craft, they have no intention of stopping after high school or college. Their dreams encompass a future in dance, whether it's teaching young students, performing for professional sports teams, or even achieving the ultimate dream of becoming Rockettes.
For aspiring dancers, the Clark sisters offer valuable advice: hard work, dedication, and positivity are the keys to success in the world of dance. They emphasize the importance of pushing through exhaustion and consistently giving your best, both in rehearsals and on the competition stage. With unwavering determination and a passion for dance, anyone can follow in their graceful footsteps, making Memorial Village’s dance scene shine brighter than ever before.

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I like how dance challenges me to become a better dancer. - Ellisann 

I like expressing my emotions and making friendships while being a part of a team. I also like how you never stop learning. - Eden

I like performing on stage! - Chelsea