Harmonizing Dreams: The Melodic Journey of Kush Mireles and Kullet

Kullet at MHS Coffe House joined by Nick Tran playing Bass for their live performance.

At just 17 years old, Kush Mireles, a student at Memorial High School, is already making waves in the world of music as a member of the band Kullet. With a passion for creativity and a drive to collaborate, Kush exemplifies the spirit of a young achiever whose talents are propelling him toward a bright future.

Kush's journey with Kullet began in 2023 when he co-founded the group with his bandmate, Grayson Smith. Since then, their partnership has blossomed into a dynamic force, producing songs that reflect their personal experiences and musical influences.

"What I love most about being in Kullet is the opportunity to create music that speaks to who we are," Kush shares. "Working alongside Grayson, we've been able to craft songs that resonate with our audience and ourselves."

Inspired by legends like Paul McCartney and fueled by the eclectic taste of his father, who was a DJ, Kush draws from a diverse array of musical influences. From the Beatles to Bob Marley, his appreciation for different genres enriches the sound of Kullet, making their music accessible and engaging to a wide audience.

Despite his young age, Kush's dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed. With performances at Memorial High School's Coffee House and the release of five singles and EPs, Kullet has garnered nearly 10,000 streams on Spotify alone. Their recent album release on March 25th was eagerly anticipated by fans, producing more of the soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that define their signature style.

Reflecting on his favorite moment with Kullet, Kush fondly recalls their debut performance at the 2023 MHS Coffee House. "I was nervous, but Grayson's calm demeanor and passion for music helped me overcome my jitters," he says. "Afterward, we basked in the joy of sharing our music with the crowd, knowing that we had created something special together."

Looking ahead, Kush is determined to continue pursuing his musical ambitions even after graduating from high school. While he and Grayson may attend different colleges, their bond remains strong, fueled by their ability to collaborate online using music production apps. For Kush, the journey with Kullet is far from over, and he envisions a future filled with endless creative possibilities.

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 "Connect with like-minded individuals and never be afraid to pursue your passion. Whether it's in school or beyond, surround yourself with people who share your love for music, and together, you can achieve great things."