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Setting the table for any event can be a challenge, and it definitely requires time for creativity, planning, and prep, even if simply staging hors d’oeuvres for a casual affair. Southern Cadence Cuisine, Houston's #1 boutique luxury catering company, provides catering services for dinner parties, special milestone parties, engagement and rehearsal dinner parties, wedding parties, and party parties. Moreover, if you are an event planner for corporate functions, Southern Cadence Cuisine takes the weight off your shoulders and puts smiles on corporate faces, especially in the boardroom! 

It can be said Southern Cadence Cuisine is no newcomer to the table. It was actually born while Michelle was working as a showroom consultant for a Fortune 500 wholesaler of residential and commercial appliances. She recognized how sales efforts could profit from actual demonstrations of how to utilize its new cooking appliances. Michelle sold the idea of developing such a program to management, and she, at once, found herself studying culinary arts at the Art Institute of Houston. Upon receiving her degree, she became the first resident chef for a high-end appliance and plumbing distributor.

She served in this capacity for three years, and during that time, she realized she had fallen in love with the culinary world. Her passion for entertaining small and intimate groups and, with the encouragement of her husband Darrell, gave rise to Southern Cadence Cuisine and Michelle began carving her niche in the culinary industry.

“Southern Cadence Cuisine focuses on experiences through food and beverage that allow intimate shared moments to shine through during our events,” Michelle said. “My passion and love for creating amazing dishes are fueled by how those dishes will add to the everlasting memories and experiences for those we serve.”

Michelle grew up in West Virginia before moving with her family to Friendswood at the age of 12. She met her husband Darrell after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University, but it took Darrell a couple of years to “trick” her into marrying him. They now have two boys, Justus (13) and Hendrix (9). They also have Max, the German Shepherd, and Cooper, the doodle. Here’s betting the dogs eat better than most of us!

The family moved to Spring Branch 10 years ago. With success underway with Southern Cadence Cuisine, Darrell was able to earn an MBA from Rice University while juggling a career in oil and gas. Upon graduating, Darrell and Michelle made a decision to purchase Well Done Cooking Classes. With an amazing team in tow, WDCC specializes in fundamentals and technique classes and team-building for private and corporate events. Well Done Cooking Classes has also developed summer cooking camps for kids. 

Michelle's most recent venture is Michelle Chats, a transformative mastermind group for female entrepreneurs and women in business. With a mission to uplift and inspire through her public speaking engagements, Michelle is dedicated to creating a supportive community where women can thrive and succeed. 

On the happenstance should you decide to jump into party food prep for yourself, Michelle offers a suggestion or two.

“Get started on your prep work as early as you can, and don’t be afraid to enlist family and friends for extra help. Many times they are eager to assist. Most importantly, relax! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Run out of wine? Shake up some margaritas!"

If things get out of hand or your frustration takes over, you have catering to fall back on and one would be very wise to turn to Southern Cadence Cuisine! There are many opportunities left for get-togethers this year, both personal and corporate.  Southern Cadence Cuisine not only caters to your wishes, but they also cater to your calendar! Just say "when" and Southern Cadence Cuisine will bring southern hospitality to your next event.
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"At Southern Cadence Cuisine, we believe that food has the power to bring people together and create lasting memories. Our mission is to provide a remarkable level of customer service while offering an inviting environment for culinary education and entertainment. With our scratch-made dishes, tailored menus, and attention to detail, we strive to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on every event we cater."