Take Learning to a New Level with Clayton Learning Lab

Written by Elizabeth McCabe

Looking for private or group tutoring for your child? If your little one is struggling to read, lacks confidence in the classroom, or just needs some extra help, be sure to check out Clayton Learning Lab.

Owned by Emily Clayton, Clayton Learning Lab has been helping students since 2021. Emily works as an Orton Gillingham (OG) reading tutor as well as her trusted colleague, Gabby Bernier, whom she met in graduate school. When Emily took maternity leave and welcomed her newborn Rhett into her life in November, Gabby took over full-time. 

“Our goal is to have a partnership together to grow the Clayton Learning Lab,” explains Emily. Both educators help students fall in love with learning again with their compassion, enthusiasm, and experience in the classroom.

The Birth of a Business 
The pandemic opened a door for a new business for Emily.

“During COVID, I had a pod of third graders and they went to school a few hours a week,” explains Emily, an elementary educator. When the children were going back to school full-time, she decided to follow her heart into starting a business.

“I told my husband, ‘I want to keep teaching, but not go back into the classroom. I like the individual relationship rather than teaching a whole group.’” Emily also completed her OG training during the pandemic, eager to help children with reading.

In March 2021, her dream of starting her own business became a reality as she opened Clayton Learning Lab. She happened to find a spot in Hingham near Derby Street, which was an ideal location with its convenience to the highway.

Gabby came on board after working for years with severe special education children in the classroom. She explains, “I wasn’t sure teaching severe special education children was for me anymore. I was wondering what I was going to do next.” At a crossroads in her career, when Emily contacted her, she said yes.

The business grew since its inception. Starting with one class, Clayton Learning Lab quickly grew to four to five classes a week. Best of all, students got the attention that they deserve.

“It’s awesome to work in a small one-to-one setting and see the growth of each student,” says Gabby. It’s a rewarding career for her and the other educators.

A Better Way To Learn 
Instead of children getting overlooked in a classroom, Clayton Learning Lab helps children get the attention that they deserve using multi-sensory components. Children from preschool (ages 3-4) can master fundamental concepts, progress in reading literacy, and tackle math problems with ease. Expect children to get up and move around rather than be confined to a desk. Making learning fun again and interactive is what it’s all about.

Children of all ages can benefit from instruction. Emily teaches up to sixth grade for her students. Gabby adds, “We also do middle school and high school. Our husbands work with us part-time as high school teachers and middle school teachers.”

With their wide range of teachers, each with their own area of expertise, students and parents can expect the best.

Innovative Offerings
In addition to one-on-one tutoring, other options at Clayton Learning Lab include Newspaper Club, Math Classes, Book Clubs, Executive Functioning Classes and OG Literacy Classes. Parents also appreciate Theme Parties, which are held one Friday a month.

Special offerings are also held, including Vacation Camp, which was held in late December for students K-5. Parents also enjoyed Drop and Shop for fun, interactive game night every Friday in December. Stay tuned for Date Nights, March Madness, Vacation Camps in February and April, as well as Summer Camps. Stay up to date with more fun events on their Facebook page.
Clayton Learning Lab even has sessions at Hingham Public Library twice a week, which are done by Gabby, making it convenient for parents and their children. Not to mention tutoring children at Inly School, which allows for outside tutors to come in throughout the school day. Emily and Gabby’s husbands, Ross and Mike, are teachers as well and work part-time tutoring middle and high school students.

Boost Confidence 
Students who need extra support can benefit from the learning professionals at Clayton Learning Lab. Often schools can send assessments and Gabby and Emily can work with them as a team to help students.

“It’s more like enrichment,” says Emily. “It can be for anyone at any level.”

Often Moms turn to the educators at Clayton Learning Lab to have outside professional work with their children. Whether struggling with homework, reading comprehension, or learning disabilities such as dyslexia, the talented team at Clayton Learning Lab is happy to help.
As a result of their instruction, children’s lives are changed as their confidence in the classroom is boosted, their self-esteem is restored, and they begin to make academic progress. They also raise their hands in the classroom and volunteer to read first as a result of their newfound confidence.

Advice for Parents 
Gabby and Emily also have some advice for parents.

“We tell parents a lot to keep practicing at home,” says Emily. Early invention is also important to give the best educational experience to children and support the child. The professionals at Clayton Learning Lab also maintain contact with parents on a weekly basis so they are up to date on their children’s progress.

“We are really taking a personal approach so we’re really catering the specific sessions to the child,” adds Gabby. With an hour and a half directly with the child, they can give them the most amount of instruction and feedback possible.

“We’re not in it for the business aspect,” adds Emily. “We are here to see them thrive. We want to see how many students we can help and get them to where they need to be.”

For More Information:
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