Meet Susan Hagstrom

Our Cover Photographer!

When Susan Hagstrom signed on as Greet Hingham's cover photographer, we knew were in for a treat. She had already taken a few cover photos for Crow Point Living and loved every minute of it. With Crow Point Living expanding and rebranding as Greet Hingham, Susan gladly accepted the position.

Susan has been taking photos for most of her life and started her business, Snapshots by Susan around 2000. She mainly took sports photos but later she branched into portrait work, shooting events, and making fine art images.

"There are so many beautiful spots to shoot on the South Shore but all shorelines, especially Hull's are my favorite," Susan shares.

Like many photographers, Susan has done quite a bit of traveling and where ever she goes, she has a camera with her. Before revisiting places she has been, she'd like to get to some new places, including Alaska, and maybe a safari. Closer to home, she'd like to photograph some of the national parks out west.

"I am constantly working to perfect my style. This is an ongoing process and I’m never satisfied but for now, I hope there is a quality of authenticity that sets my photography apart from others. I try to be creative and unique and to tell a story with my images."

Susan's favorite part of taking photos is working with people. She embraces the challenge of trying to put people at ease and getting the best out of them. "As I now transition to taking cover photos for Greet Hingham, I hope I can bring some continuity to the covers. These are not formal photos so I’m hoping to bring an element of fun to the cover while maintaining a high quality of images."

Susan displays her work at Gallery Nantasket in Hull. She was born and raised in Chicago, lived in Hingham for 20 years, and currently lives in Hull. She is married with two sons, a daughter, and two adorable grandchildren. She also has a dog named Rocco.

To see more of Susan's work, follow her on Instagram @snapshotzbysusan and @igbostonsouthshore